10 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Code

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The world is rapidly evolving, and apps are used in almost every area of life. It is important to learn how to code if you are interested in a career in IT. This post has 10 reasons why you should consider learning to code.

Coding jobs can either be for software/application development or web development.

As you research jobs in the IT field, you will probably come across a lot of software/web development jobs.  These jobs are typically high salary jobs, as I mentioned in this post. However, you need to get some coding skills to become eligible for most of those jobs.

There are many websites where you can learn to code for free .This post has a list of 15 places where you can start learning to code online for FREE.

Let’s get right to it. Here are 10 benefits to learning to code.

1. You can command a higher salary

It’s no secret the IT career path jobs command a high salary. If you take a look at the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the median salary for careers in computer and information technology is a whooping $88,240. Guess what, that is higher than the median wage for all occupations which is $39,810. Just imagine the freedom and peace of mind that can come with earning a higher salary.

Specific to coding, the median salary for Computer Programmers is $86,550. The median salary for Software Developers is $107,510. And the median salary for Web Developers is $73,760.

2. You set your own schedule

Another reason that coding is great is the freedom that it provides. When you start an IT career path in coding, you can work as a freelancer and set your own schedule. Many people that I know choose to work as freelance contractors and only accept jobs that interest them and work with their schedule. So, if you don’t want to work during the summer, just plan your client projects around that schedule.

3. More job opportunities

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics notes that the projected growth for IT career path jobs is 11% over the next ten years. This translates to over 531,000 jobs for new jobs in various IT career paths. Talk about job security.

For Software Developers, the job growth projection for the next 10 years is 22%. This translates to over 316,000 new jobs. For Web Developers, the job growth projection for the next 10 years is 8%. This translates to over 14,000 new jobs.

I KNOW one of those jobs is waiting just for you!

4. You can pursue personal interests

When you have more flexibility with your time, it allows you to pursue more personal interests. So, if you would rather take recreational classes in the summer, then so be it! While I work a full-time job in IT, the financial freedom it provides means I don’t have to work overtime. I spend the extra time on activities I enjoy, like working on this blog! So, you should learn to code because it puts you in a flexible career path that can support your personal interests.

5. You can work remotely

This is personally my #1 reason why I think everyone should learn to code. You can work from ANYWHERE! When you learn to code, you do not need to be stuck in an office building to work. Your office is anywhere you and your computer happen to be. At home, at the beach, or at the coffee shop. You can perform your work from anywhere without worrying about commuting to work. As a mom, the ability to work remotely has been absolutely priceless to me and my family.

Keep Learning

Start learning to code today from one of these 15 online sites where you can learn to code for FREE.

6. You can have multiple jobs and sources of income

Side-gigs are very hot right now and when you know how to code, you can get as many side-gigs as you want. I know many coders that have 2 – 3 concurrent freelance jobs that pays them a nice amount. I’m sure you already know just what to do with the extra income! ?

So, everyone should learn to code to increase their salary potential using side-gigs.

7. You have increased confidence and sense of empowerment

I don’t know about you but when I solve a problem, I feel a great sense of accomplishment. With each problem that is solved, my confidence rises, and I feel more empowered to take on bigger challenges. Learning to code is essentially learning to use code to solve problems. So, another reason everyone should learn to code is to boost their confidence and sense of empowerment. As a woman, I know this confidence boost will show up in all other areas of your life and it’s worth it because you’re worth it!

8. You improve your critical thinking

When you learn to code, you are essentially helping solve business problems using code. So, I think everyone should learn to code because it helps increase critical thinking skills. You have to think carefully about the problem, identify potential solutions, and then select the best solution for the problem. This process makes your mind sharper and you can even start thinking more critically about problems unrelated to code.

9. You learn collaboration and communication skills

Creating code sometimes requires multiple people working together to create a final product. You need to work with those that requested the solution as well as other developers working on the solution. This involves a lot of collaboration and communication along the way. Outside of the coding world, we all need to learn to communicate effectively while working together to achieve common goals. So, everyone should learn to code to improve their collaboration and communication skills.

10. You have career longevity

IT jobs are not going anywhere soon. As I mentioned earlier, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics notes that Software Development and Web Development jobs will add a total of about 330,000 jobs over the next 10 years. I think it’s clear that chances of having a long career in IT is pretty good. So, everyone should learn to code to improve their chances at having long, successful careers!


Are you ready to join women in technology and learn to code? What are some of your hesitations? Let me know below.

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