What a wonderful introduction into the IT Audit field. A. A.
Thank you for helping me understand the basics of IT Audit and Controls. Explanation and Examples are on point. Highly Recommended. O.O.
Excellent Course, Short! But very valuable information especially on the testing of controls. C. E.
Very fundamental in the use of language. Not riddled with technical jargon, so it is easily understandable for persons with no prior IT audit experience. D. A.
This course is good to boost my current qualification as internal auditor. J. M.


Peju | GRC Coach

CISA, CISM, CFE, PMP, ITIL, RSA Archer Administrator

I'm on a mission to create practical, informative, and high quality courses for IT Audit, Cybersecurity, Governance, Risk and Controls.

I have over 15 years of experience in the IT GRC field including working for on of the Big4 accounting firms. I taught several IT Audit courses for Big4 consultants across the United States with a focus on training new employees that needed to understand the basics of IT Auditing.

My goal is to present information in a logical, informative and practical way without boring you with long lectures and unnecessary details. There are plenty of quizzes, course activities and assignments to help you understand the course material well enough to apply it immediately.

If you want to learn and apply information quickly without sitting through hours of lectures, then I look forward to helping you achieve your goals!

NEW AND IN-DEMAND | over 100 students!

IT Audit Course

Are you interested in a career in Cybersecurity?

One of the best ways to get into the Cybersecurity field is through the IT Audit path.

IT Audit provides an opportunity for IT professionals to gain a holistic understanding of how systems work, including system security.

This holistic understanding of systems is the perfect foundation for a career in many areas of IT, including Cybersecurity.

I recently launched the IT Audit Fundamentals: Introduction to Controls and Testing course on Udemy.

This is the first IT Audit course on Udemy that explains the foundational principles of IT Audit for beginners.

Enroll in the course to get a valuable introduction to the field of IT Audit with practical activities and assignments.

I typically charge $1,500 to teach the comprehensive IT Audit course over 5 modules. This course is one of the modules in that training.

Course Value: $300

Udemy Price: $19.99

Get the course for just $12.99 if you enroll today using this link.

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