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At Your IT Career, we provide you with the knowledge, tools, and resources to start, develop, and sustain a successful career in Information Technology (IT). Whether you’re a newbie or experienced IT professional, we have something that provides value for you.

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Get Your Complete Guide on IT/Cybersecurity Audit Careers

IT/Cybersecurity Audit can provide YOU with a six-figure job that requires:
NO Coding, NO Technical Degree, and NO Certifications

Why Start An IT/Cybersecurity Audit Career?

IT/Cybersecurity audit is a great career option for those looking to transition into a six-figure Tech career because it does not require a technical degreedoes not require countless certifications (in some cases no certification is needed), and does not require any coding skills!

As an IT/Cybersecurity Auditor, you are considered a valuable employee that helps organizations identify and address security flaws in their systems.

How We Serve You

Here are the different ways that we can help you with Your IT Career

IT/Cybersecurity Audit and Compliance Training

IT/Cybersecurity Audit and Compliance Training

The practical, hands-on, comprehensive training program that teaches you how to successfully perform IT Audits and Assessments like an experienced professional AND prepares you for an IT Audit career.

IT Career Launchpad

IT Career Launchpad

The ideal place for you to learn exactly what to do to start your career in Tech. You learn how to launch your career in Tech by following our 7-step IT Career Blueprint.

Profitable Digital Courses

Profitable Digital Courses

Already an experienced IT Professional? Great!

Learn how you can monetize your skills to earn an extra income without job stacking or the overwhelm of 1:1 student teaching.


Student Testimonials

Student success is our focus at Your IT Career. Here are just a few success stories from some students that have completed our training programs. 

"Hello everyone, I am happy to share that I just got an IT Compliance job with six figures here in Canada. I completed my course in December 2022 and my job search started in January 2023. By the way, I DON'T have CISA certification yet and in all my interview stages, they never asked me or talked about it."


"Hi Peju, I trust you're doing well. Just to let you know that I had my final interview today and got the job offer for the Manager, IT Audits role. It's a 6-figure base salary with 15% of base yearly performance bonus. Thanks for all your support and the materials in ITAF program. This was definitely money well spent, and I have no regrets at all."

"Good morning am happy to inform you that i go hired and i started yesterday as senior consultant. Help me thank God as the offer was too good to be true thats why I didn't respond to your text because it was like a dream. No Interview was hired off my linkedin profile. If you are available i can call you to give you full gist 🙂."

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